“My task starts by learning the needs of each individual since there are different types of faces, beards and hair. Then, my goal is to recommend and ensure that the service I give exceeds the expectation. To achieve this, I accepted the challenges that have been given to me during the years to get me where I am today, creating my own brand “Roi77 The Barber” which confirms this proposal to give satisfaction and offer a place where the client feels good”



Haircut 19€
Classical Shave 17€
Beard Trim 17€

– 1 hour free parking at Ciutat de la Justicia –


Monday to Friday
10 a 20 hrs
By appointment only

Monday to Friday
10h to 20h
By appointment only

10:00 to 14:00
By appointment only

Additional Infromation

Address: Av. del Carrilet, 3, 08902, Ciutat de la Justicia.
Edificio D local 3, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.
Near Metro line 10 station Ciutat de la Justicia

One hour free parking at Ciutat de la Justicia

Telephone: 931 891 952
Whatsapp: 676 631 136

Roi77 The Barber


Roi starts his first steps in the world of barbers at age 14. It was a close neighbour, a master barber born in Galicia, Spain, who initiated him to the trade, and gave him the passion of this beautiful profession.

In 2004, he takes a trip around South America with in his suitcase, a simple but efficient equipment: combs, blades, shavers and a lot of anticipation. Soon he arrives in the Galapagos Islands where he meets Lorena, who gave him an impulse to realize his dreams and change his life. They fall in love and get married. They decide to go a step further to realize their dreams and travel together to Barcelona, a city that they fell in love with. Life keeps giving them joy by making them parents of their son Alessandro.

A short time after, Roi is employed and becomes in charge of  which becomes the base of enlarging the company and makes it the barbershop of reference in Barcelona. It was only the beginning of a series of challenges that allowed him to perfect an artisan’s work with caring style and precision, as much as possible as Roi knows that this profession is not only a technique but more an Art.

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